Spice Station


Peter Bahlawanian and wife Bronwen Tawse opened a Silver Lake spice emporium called Spice Station on November 17. 

The entire store is constructed from reclaimed wood, and the displays are former pallets. Jars decoratively display the spices on shelves. Options include Indian Fenugreek, Argentinean coriander, Egyptian dill weed, Syrian Aleppo pepper, Indonesian nutmeg and Szechuan peppercorns. They have just about every spice you can think of! Go there and choose some new spices to try out on your next meal.


Colorful index cards list the price, country of origin, uses and medicinal purposes, where applicable. The spices are ground free of charge, or you can take the whole pods, berries and seeds to go. 


This truly is a must visit.

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Spice Station Mile End

74A Bernard st W

Mtl, QC H2T-2K2



Spice Station Monkland
5610 Monkland Ave
Mtl, QC H4A 1E3