JABS - Joe Amar Bar Services

Event planning is always key to the success of your special occasion.  Joe Amar's team of professionals have been working at the cutting edge of fashionable and funky for over 25 years.  Call it hip, call it cool we can bring the pizzazz to your event.  We have juggling bartenders, smoking drinks (Liquid Nitrogen and frozen cocktails), Martini Bars and even our private Sommelier for your office or in-house wine tasting. No one has a bigger wine cellar than Joe Amar, our encyclopedic list of wines can dazzle any client or blow away your friends providing a great time for all.  To us bartending it is not about pouring drinks or being a pet psychologist, we bring the ideas to you on how to make your event stand out from the rest.  Selected as the Bar specialists for Cirque Éloize 8 years running, Joe Amar's "Mobile Bar Services" are the only real choice



2670 Sabourin

Saint-Laurent, Quebec

H4S 1M2 Canada

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